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Are You Ready for FOCUS in '24?

2024 promises to be the year of harmony, balance, and stability in your life. However, nothing in life happens without faith, focus, intentionality, and work. So don't wait until '24 to prepare, because that preparation should begin now!


FOCUS Retreats isolate you from the normalcy of your life, and place you inside a safe, caring, feng shui environment, where your mind, body, and spirit can become reacquainted as best friends, lovers, and masters of your universe!


Personal transformation requires time, space, and the proper guidance for it's instantaneous affect to allow you to feel, think, and breathe deep inside it's access. It doesn't happen to you, as much as it happens within you!  


As your perspective grows intently, intentionality manifest actuality that can be seen, measured, and grown. Its the process of reciprocation that lives and breathes in being more and doing more, that allows you to have more!

when you focus, everything changes

Our Abundance of Self Love, Confidence, and Power is Transformative!

We have a reputation for empowering our guests with our abundance of transformative self love, confidence, and power instantaneously and over-time. We prefer both, which is why we offer some of the best pre and post retreat courses and coaching programs in the business.

We ask our guests to make a 6 month commitment of intentionality, dedication, and relentless concentration and work ethic. In return, we give them mastery of self, relationships, accountability, and finances, to include investing. Every area of life that is significant will transform and unfold an abundance beyond the most ambitious vision.

Our Bold Promises: You will be thoroughly educated and empowered. You will move through resistance and emotional procrastination. You will feel more optimism about yourself and your life. You will achieve your visionary goals. You will be satisfied. You will realign your mind, heart and health. You will wake up with positive expectations. You will build sustainable practices and a new level of enthusiasm. And lastly, every relationship you create and grow will offer you an exponential return!

Coaching Retreat Agenda

There's nothing like Morning FOCUS. It sets your mindset in clarity, vision, capabilities, and possibilities. Then we engage in an amazing learning exchange curated by FOCUS Coaches.

Arrival to FOCUS in Aruba

Flight time from your home airport get's you there safely.
FOCUS Concierge Services has arranged ground transportation to the oceanfront Villa(s).
FOCUS Retreat Welcome Reception is waiting for you. 
Get settled, unpack and prepare for the family-style dinner.
6pm - 7pm Chef prepared dinner
7:30pm - 8:30pm FOCUS Orientation


6am - 7am: Morning FOCUS (morning stretch, meditation and FOCUS drift)
8am - 9am: Breakfast
9:30am - 11am:  FOCUS Learning Exchange & Coaching Session
11am - 1pm: After Session Break & Lunch
1pm - 3:30pm: Full body deep tissue massage
3pm - 5:45pm: Free time to enjoy the people, pool, beach and Villa.
5:45 - 7pm: Unity prayer and Chef prepared dinner
7:30pm - 8:30pm: Evening discussion
8:30pm: Free-time - Bedtime.


6am - 1pm: Schedule remains consistent
1:30pm - 4pm: Poolside activity and games
5pm - 5:45pm:  Free-time
5:45pm - 7pm: Unity prayer and Chef prepared dinner
7:30pm - 9pm: Themed evening and group activity. 
9pm: Free-time

And, the week continues...


FOCUS Concierge Services walk you seamlessly through the entire process. From your home airport, to retreat fun and shopping, you are professionally provided for.


 Your accommodations consist of oceanfront property with the most amazing views, privatized common spaces, pools and the best selfies one could take.


Whether we're at the Villa, in the water, on a beach or chillin in the sand; FOCUS activities are fun and endless. There are those that bring tears to your eyes, and the ones that bring joy to your heart.


Like minded people is definitely an understatement, as we all become family during the retreat. We share, laugh and experience each other authentically every time!


FOCUS private Chefs, Cooks and restaurants we visit on the island are amazingly traditional, highly delicious and very healthy. Unless you desire to spoil yourself even further than we do!


Growth happens organically and there is nothing more amazing than feeling your transformation, others sharing about your transformation and you looking in the mirror and embracing your transformation. We help a little!

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